Chaplaincy and Counselling Services

 The chaplaincy department commits itself to the demands of Healthcare ministry by providing the most needed services in enhancing the Spiritual and Pastoral welfare of patients, their families and hospital staff.

The basis of our mission is cultivated from the Christian faith by promoting the healing process of the people of God in collegiality with other professionals and paramedics in the health care field.

The Department operates in alignment with the Hospital Core Values by ministering to persons of all faiths inclusive of those who are not attached to a particular faith or belief on a full time basis. This is solely adhered to through commitment in creating a conducive environment and a healthy organizational culture of recognizing the meaning and value of the hospital personnel and their respective duties/roles.

The Chaplains’ roles include: Spiritual and Pastoral Care to the Patients, families/caretakers and Staff;Eucharistic Celebrations for the Patients and the Staff; Facilitation of the Sacraments of the Church.e.g Baptism,Anointing of the Sick, Penance; Spiritual and Psychological Counseling; Crisis and conflict Management among patients/families/staff; Death/End-of-life intervention;Rite of Burials; Sacramental Preparations for Staff; Inculcation of moral values; and Commitment to creation and maintenance of an enabling environment for a healthy    organizational culture by empowering the members to recognize the meaning and value of their work in relation to God.