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The Department operates in alignment with the Hospital Core Values by ministering to persons of all faiths inclusive of those who are not attached to a particular faith or belief on a full time basis. This is solely adhered to through commitment in creating a conducive environment and a healthy organizational culture of recognizing the meaning and value of the hospital personnel and their respective duties/roles.

The Chaplains’ roles include: Spiritual and Pastoral Care to the Patients, families/caretakers and Staff;Eucharistic Celebrations for the Patients and the Staff; Facilitation of the Sacraments of the Church.e.g Baptism,Anointing of the Sick, Penance; Spiritual and Psychological Counseling; Crisis and conflict Management among patients/families/staff; Death/End-of-life intervention;Rite of Burials; Sacramental Preparations for Staff; Inculcation of moral values; and Commitment to creation and maintenance of an enabling environment for a healthy    organizational culture by empowering the members to recognize the meaning and value of their work in relation to God.