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St. Francis Community Hospital boasts a Class 4 Laboratory with a full array of diagnostic tests. We handle routine haematology and chemistry panels for full blood count, urea & electrolytes, liver function tests, urinalysis and body fluid analysis (cerebrospinal fluid, ascitic fluid, pleural tap).

In addition to these, we offer both rapid and immunoassays of viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis A/B/C. With our immune-analyzer machine, we are able to carry out advanced diagnostics such as cancer markers (CEA, PSA, CA-125, CA-19.9, a-FP) in addition to specialized tests such as hormonal profile (for assessment of fertility).

Our microbiology service allows us to assess specimen for parasites such as plasmodium spp. (malaria) and specific bacteria causing infection with the ability to ascertain which antibiotics are able to treat it (culture and sensitivity analysis).

In addition to serving our walk-in outpatients, the laboratory serves as the backbone to our in-patient units, especially so the ICU/HDU and dialysis departments.

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St. Francis Community Hospital-Nairobi P.o Box 62676 Nairobi, Kenya.
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+254 20 2445811
+254 713 969608/ +254 736 562277