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There are instances when the doctor reviewing you will require to confirm their diagnosis by having a look deep to your skin. At St. Francis Community Hospital our Imaging and Diagnostic Radiology unit is equipped with ultrasound, x-ray and CT-Scan machines that offer a wide array of options to aid our diagnostic processes.

We can image any region of the body, from the skull to the bones of the small toe, allowing the doctor to visualize bones, brain, intestines and internal organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Further, our portable x-ray services allow us to serve patients who cannot be wheeled to the unit either due to their condition or because they are being operated on in theatre.

If you have had a scan done elsewhere, we also offer reporting services. Should your doctor prefer a digital copy on CD, rather than a hard-copy film, our staff will be happy to oblige. Here at the hospital, we use technology to serve you better.

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